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The IIC’s Original Members: From Public Broadcasters to a Global Digital Economy


The first IIC members

The IIC started life as the International Broadcast Institute (IBI).

In March 1970, the IBI invited broadcasters, social and physical scientists, journalists and others interested in the role of mass media from 68 countries to join as voting members or individual supporting members. Distinguished individuals from 40 countries accepted this invitation.

In addition to individual membership, the IBI broadened its creative and financial base through Institutional Supporting Membership. These institutional members were what we now call IIC Partners and included The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation (now Sveriges Radio), Nippon Hoso Kyokai (now NHK), Japan, American Broadcasting Company (now part of Walt Disney), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation branded CBC Radio, and Time-Life Broadcast.

They were keen to expand the programme and diversify the membership and encouraged universities, corporations and other broadcasting organisations to become institutional supporting members.

The first IIC newsletter

The first IIC publication for members, which launched in 1970 with the somewhat prosaic title “Newsletter” was to be the forerunner to InterMedia and opened with a statement of purpose from the first Executive Director, Arthur D Morse.

“This is the first issue of the IBI Newsletter. It is a modest effort to bring members and friends of the IBI closer together, to provide news of organisational and individual activities and, through occasional longer articles, to gain insights into aspects of mass media central to our interests.”


Intermedia as we know it today comprises stimulating and challenging articles from academics and industry and includes a round up of news from around the globe. It has been referred to as

“The world’s most influential regulatory affairs and compliance journal for telecoms and media policy”

Membership today

Few sectors have seen greater change during the last 50 years than the global communications industry. The IIC was founded on the belief that the most positive means of embracing this change was by bringing together the major actors for open debate. We have been convening this group for fifty years by remaining apolitical, neutral and independent.

Members today come from a diverse range of backgrounds…

Regulatory Members: National Regulatory Authorities

Membership helps national regulators find the best policy frameworks for the widest societal benefit. The IIC provides the only independent international forum that brings together statutory national regulators in a collegiate, neutral environment to debate policy issues.

Industry members: Commercial business within the telecoms, media and technology sectors

For 50 years we have been connecting industry, policy makers and regulators. Policy, product and legal teams have a non-partisan forum in which to debate with regulators and policy makers and gain insights into their approach to technology and market trends.

Associate Members: Advisors and professional service providers

Today, the IIC provides a forum for specialist lawyers, analysts and consultants to meet regulators and senior policy makers within the telecoms, technology and media industries and gives them the opportunity to showcase their expertise and contribute to the debate.

Much of the progress of the IBI during its first two years can be traced to the effective leadership of its Chairman, Olof Rydbeck. Mr Rydbeck, who had served as Director General of the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation for the previous 15 years, left in 1970 to become Sweden’s Ambassador to the UN. He was been succeeded as Chairman of the IBI by Sig Mickelson, a founder and a prime mover in its development. Mr Mickelson, headed CBS News for many years and also served as Vice President of Time-Life Broadcast.

Whilst the beginnings of the IIC were rooted firmly in the broadcast and telecoms industries the institute today is uniquely placed at the heart of the converged telecoms, media and technology sectors.  Debates now cover regulatory challenges thrown up by innovations in data, artificial intelligence, the sharing economy, content regulation, smart cars and all aspects of the burgeoning digital economy.

Join the IIC

In 1969 our board of directors, trustees and members comprised those at the forefront of the broadcast industry. In 2019 as our remit has widened and the telecoms media and technology sectors have converged, we still pride ourselves on having as strategic IIC Partners some of the major content platforms, telecoms operators and technology businesses. As well as regulators and policy makers from all continents.   We are always looking for new members.

We are committed to global and local inclusivity and seek membership from a diverse audience across the converged TMT sector.

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