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Visit the IIC 10.05.2019

An invitation from the IIC President and the Director General


Chris Chapman, IIC President

This year the IIC celebrates its 50th anniversary. Although our founders could not have envisaged the kind of technology we now have at our disposal, they would, I think, have recognised the debates we are having.  As we reflect on our 50 year anniversary,  I am struck by the extent to which, whilst the technology may have evolved, the purpose of the IIC has remained constant.

“I invite you to join your peers and become a member of the world's best independent authority this historic year.”

The IIC has always been concerned with understanding the social, as well as the economic impact of technological change as an essential precursor to good policymaking. In this, we have not changed.

Our purpose today is the same as it was 50 years ago. To facilitate an environment in which industry, government, regulators and economists can come together to shape the future policy agenda.

On this site, we take a look at some of the technological developments, events and influential people that have made the IIC the organisation it is today. I am very proud of the work our members, my colleagues at the IIC and IIC directors around the world do to further vigorous, challenging and open debate on a variety of topics.

To succeed in this work, we rely on the support of our members. The more we have, the greater the participation and the more we can collectively achieve.  Your peers need to hear your voice in the debate so find out about joining us in this historic year.

With good wishes,

Chris Chapman,



Andrea Millwood Hargrave, IIC Director General

Our aim is to provide the best environment for debating the most important topics at the highest level. We bring together regulators, policymakers, business leaders, academics and professionals in every corner of the world. In an era characterised by the convergence and disruptive impact of technology, we believe the IIC’s role as a platform for policy debate remains as important as it ever was.

“Please contact me directly to talk informally about the many things members value about being part of the IIC”

During 2019 we will be charting some of the significant changes that have taken place since our creation in 1969. The IIC has always been about its members. And if our story over the last 50 years has anything to reveal, it’s the role IIC members around the world can play in shaping a future from which all of society can benefit.

One of the guiding principles of the IIC is that regulators and regulation are at the heart of everything we do. This was the case even before official telecommunications and media regulators existed.  In articles featured in this site we will look at the origins of the IIC, the evolution of regulation in the telecoms, media and technology sectors and bring updates on the meetings and debates planned for the coming months around the world.

Do take a look at our Timeline, we have weekly updates scheduled, but if you think something significant is missing let us know. If you’d like updates on The Timeline, follow us or register for the IIC 50 Whats bulletin using the link in the footer.

Our membership is made up of directors of government and international affairs, directors of public policy and the senior board members from the world’s National Regulatory Authorities. If your organisation isn’t already a member, we invite you to be at the table.  Do contact me directly to talk informally about what IIC membership involves.

Andrea Millwood Hargrave
Director General

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